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Little Tidbits of This and That June 18, 2009

Last night I had an absolutely delicious and beautiful lobster dinner. There’s a local restaurant featuring special lobster dinners for $20 on Tuesdays and I jumped at the chance, along with the other adults in my family. I ate all the accompanying buttery rice pilaf. There was a lot of butter on that table. Also had one bite of dessert. But no wine or other drinks this time. I think the butter was enough.

Today, I worked out twice. In the gym with my trainer in the morning (5 double lengths of monkey walk, 20 minutes of hard stairmaster, and some pull up thingies). Then an hour of outdoor class with a group (again with my trainer) in the evening. I ran more than half of it. Hills, hills, hills. It felt good.

I didn’t work out at all yesterday. So today had to happen. But I liked it a lot.

Tomorrow morning, more running with my 5k buddy.

Also: got more official stuff from The Company today. Turns out I am A-OK, officially, fine print, legal-wise, etc. And I got my official ID card. So it’s all proceeding as per the plan.

OH, and I did some more clothes shopping today. Remember my shopping spree back in April? Many of those clothes are too large now. Luckily, I still have tags on some and can return them. Other stuff is just big. I am constantly walking around, hiking up my pants. Today I woke up and it was ridiculously freezing out. I went to the one small department store in our neighborhood.  It has a lot of inexpensive polyester stuff with elastic waistbands, but occasionally some decent things hidden here and there. I felt desperate to get some WARM clothing because it is in the 50s here and all the new clothes I bought are summer wear. I ended up buying two pairs of pants: one in a size 6 (WHAT MEEEE???) and one size ten. They both fit me fine. Two different brands.  Funny that size 8 was too big in the one brand and too small in the other. Ha.  Then I bought a size L quilted vest that was ALMOST too small. Isn’t that weird? It is OK when I am upright, but when I am sitting I sort of have to suck it in like Scarlett OHara in her corset. Almost.

So, that was my day.

I finished it up by watching Top Chef Masters which I loved to bits. They had to create a dinner from LOST island ingredients (including Dharma Initiative canned food, ha!) so I was just giddy happy watching it. The Top Chef Masters is overall a LOT more fun to watch than regular TC (although I do miss Padma and Tom). The chefs are relaxed, they are collegial and respectful and they aren’t the least bit insecure or mean or bitchy. So I’m liking it a lot.

Good night now!


6 Responses to “Little Tidbits of This and That”

  1. Brandie Says:

    First, congrats on the clothes…such a great feeling, isn’t it? Always crazy how much the sizes vary though.

    And Top Chef Masters – I totally agree!! SOOO much more fun than the usual TC. I was just telling my daughter tonight have enjoyable it is to watch them and not having a bunch of drama and stress.

  2. lollujo Says:

    Aren’t unpredictable clothes sizes brilliant? I can get regular sized clothes from supermarkets and cheaper places, as soon as I go to the more ‘up-market’ places, the same sizes are too small, and the only option is plus size shops! So I’m stuck in cheap stuff for another few months yet…


  3. MizFit Says:

    are you SORESORE this morning?
    I might be just from reading your workout, Woman!

    GREAT job (for you. your bank acct? not so much :)) on the fact you needed new sizes as well.

    Have a great day—

  4. Hanlie Says:

    Some clothing sizes are just so way out. That’s why you have to try on every time and why I would never, ever consider buying clothing online!

    Great job on the workout and getting all your paperwork through.

    The lobster sounds delicious! $20, not bad!

  5. weightlosswiththefabulousfatties Says:

    Yum, Lobster! It is impossible to have a dinner with shell fish and not have butter. I am sure you more than made up for it at the gym.
    Awesome on the clothes. That is great! Isn’t it funny how different brands have such different sizes? I love it when I actually find a size 16 that says 12 on the label. LOL I know the truth but the label is just so attractive!
    Another great post😉
    XO Shannon

  6. Pubsgal Says:

    Yes, what IS up with this season they’re calling “summer” here in the Bay Area? Today’s pretty nice, but it has seemed a lot cooler than usual…

    Congrats on the clothes shopping and fitting new, smaller sizes! I’m not surprised, with all that working out you’re doing!🙂

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