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Why I Need to Exercise (Almost) Every Day June 10, 2009

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I’ve actually exercised probably 6 out of 7 days, most weeks, for the past several months. And on days that I don’t I realllly feel it. I’m cranky and irritable and depressed. It’s kind of strange. I was never quite sure about this endorphins thing, but now I am a true believer. And it’s hard to fathom that I actually had years of not feeling very happy, and that was my “normal.” Now I feel like it is normal to be pretty happy – I mean REALLY happy, and enthusiastic about life- most of the time, and when I don’t feel that way, it’s like something is wrong.

I know that I used to think that it was best to exercise 5 days a week. Which is very good! Especially compared to my 2x a week (if that) in previous times. But then the question would be, what days would I NOT exercise?

Yesterday I had all intentions of going to cardio boxing class at 6pm. But I worked until 5, and I really wanted to cook dinner at home, and the logistics of it were just impossible. So I told myself I’d exercise after dinner. My EA Sports Wii thingie even came in the mail. But I was too tired. (or so I told myself) and so I didn’t do anything. And my mood just dropped and dropped as the evening progressed, and I went to bed feeling crummy.

Today, I wasn’t sure when or how it was going to happen. I thought, I might not do anything today either. But I don’t think I’ve skipped TWO days in a very long time. I had gotten up really early to take my daughter to the airport. So by 4pm I was super sleepy. I really wanted a nap.

I Twittered aboutt this. (I LOVE TWITTER, in case you haven’t noticed!) Some people suggested that I nap since I probably needed to. But a bunch of people said (rightly so) that if I exercised, I’d probably feel a lot better. I hemmed and hawed and in the end I decided to “walk” down at the track near my house. It was low pressure and I figured it would be better than nothing. But when I got there, there were already two women on the track. One was in her mid-sixties and the other had to be in her 70s. The 60-something woman was RUNNING. (slowly, but running) I was wildly impressed, seeing her white hair bounce around. I thought, come ON, I can do that. So I walked two laps (1/2 mile) to warm up and then I figured I’d run as long as felt OK.

I ran for 30 minutes nonstop. It felt SO SO GOOD. I was so happy! and not sleepy anymore. And certainly not grumpy.

I went to the grocery store and got some very delicous black bean burgers, and turkey burgers. Then I found those super thin hamburger buns which made me very happy. Guess what? The black bean burgers were less than half the points of the turkey burgers. The super thin buns were one point each. YAY!! I added cheese and avocado, I went crazy.  And they tasted really, really good.

Anyway, it was a good day. And it reminded me once again how good it feels to move around. I am really really happy when I have nice sweat rivulets running down my face. So I’ve decided that my default will be to do SOMEthing every day. And if I can’t for whatever reason, then that will be my rest day, but when I get up it won’t be “do I exercise today?” but rather “what/where/when will I exercise?”

This is so new. And so good.


7 Responses to “Why I Need to Exercise (Almost) Every Day”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Awesome!! It’s amazing how a healthy lifestyle can change your perspective on things.

    Those black bean burgers sound delicious… I’m making a mental note to pick up some avocado at the store!

  2. Hanlie Says:

    I’m trying my first vegan burger recipe tonight and am really looking forward to seeing how it comes out.

    You are so right, I skipped exercising yesterday and just didn’t feel as strong, both physically and emotionally, all day. And when I’m not as strong, I make poorer choices when it comes to food, I don’t sleep as well and it all goes downhill from there. So, my gym bag is already packed, I’m dressed and leaving for gym in 20 minutes’ time! Can’t wait!

  3. I loved reading this because it helped me realize that my mindset is going in that direction too. I’m working on a list of *activities* that I would like to do/try and many of them can become a family affair.

    I had a turkey burger at a birthday party a few weeks ago that was awesome. She got them at Costco….and I tried a Garden Burger last night on the grill but I didn’t care for it. Will look for these black bean burgers you speak of.

    Anyway, I’m so proud of you! Have a great week!

  4. Pubsgal Says:

    Way to go, Foodie!

    This reminds me of back in my at-home mom days. My neighbor was talking to a friend of hers while our kids were all playing outside together. She complained of feeling tired, and was wondering whether to go for a run or take a nap. Back then, I thought to myself, “Oh, the nap! Definitely!” Nowadays, I can see why she’d consider the run. Endorphins rock!

    I’m curious: how do you integrate your type 2 diabetes way of eating with WW points?

    • Pubsgal Says:

      To clarify: I know that sometimes a CDE or nutritionist provides a meal plan, and the WW points program specifies a certain number of points per day. (Old WW was a little more analogous to the ADA system, with its certain portions of starches, milk, fruit, protein, fat, and vegetables per day, although old WW didn’t recommend combining protein-carbs in a meal or a certain amount of any food per meal of the day.)

      Is this something you can discuss without divulging proprietary info? If not, I understand. But it would be interesting to know from a diabetes and weight loss perspective.

  5. Tom Rooney Says:

    Oh I’m with you Foodie. I’ve gotten up to 6 days a week myself and feel very good after. There are days that I just don’t feel up to it, but once I do a short warm up and do either aerobic or weights I feel 100% better. Sweat running down your face is a very good thing.🙂

  6. […] early on that a day without exercise equalled a day with very few points. So it spurred me to start exercising every day, or almost.  It also made me REALLY increase my fruit and veggie intake. I thought about the […]

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