The decluttering continues! Today I decided to give away 3 items of too-large clothing. I thought I would have tons of these, but actually most of my big clothes are more fit for Goodwill than to giving to anyone I care about. But I do have 3 pretty nice things I would like to pass on.

One is my beloved Big White Shirt. This shirt was always oversized for me. I just checked the size and realized it is a size 3x! Um… I had no idea! When I bought that top I just loved it so much because it made me feel tiny. Of course. But at this point it just makes me look stupid. It’s super comfy, great to wear over anything, and perfect for summer. You can see it in my Photos, in the “before” from October 2008.

Two: a pair of wide-legged black croppped pants from J. Jill that I never wore, not even once. (well, once, to try on in the store) They are a sized Medium, but they are elastic waisted and J. Jill tends to run on the larger size. So I’d say they are equivalent to Large in most other brands. They’re soft, elegant and nice. They’re so wide and swingy they actually look like a skirt. On me, they fall to about mid-calf. (I’m 5’4″) They look sort of like this, but they’re shorter. (UPDATE: TAKEN!!)

Three: a sort of faux wool jacket-sweater, zippered, with pockets. It’s gray-black, textured and kind of nubbly. It isn’t super thick but nice for cool spring or fall days. It’s nice to have pockets. It’s standard size Large.

Again, send me an email with your snail mail address  if you want one of these items. First come, first get!