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No More Excuses April 9, 2009

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Not too long ago (not long at all!!) a day like this would have been one giant excuse not to exercise. It’s raining outside. My trainer is out of town. My running buddy is sick.

But I really wanted to get going on the 3rd week of Couch-to-5k. I remembered that back in the day when I was training for a marathon with Team in Training (this was 9 years ago, and I WALKED the marathon, didn’t run it), we would train even in heavy downpours. NO MATTER WHAT. I got a really great waterproof jacket then, and I still have it. It’s still waterproof!

So I put it on, put on a baseball cap and went down to the muddy little track at the bottom of our hill. I was sad to get my beautiful new white running shoes muddy and wet. But heck.

I set my iPod to C25K Week 3, Day 1 and set off. After the first lap I was still cold. But by the halfway point I was totally warmed up, pumped up, jacked up and ON. It was great. My glasses got all steamed up. (do I need to get contacts again??)  I did a little 3 minutes extra at the end and was DONE. It felt so good. The rain felt nice and refreshing. I got in my car and it also got all steamed up. Came home, showered, felt great. STILL feel great.

The thing that I don’t remember when I’m making all the excuses is that THIS feels so, so, so much better than THAT.


7 Responses to “No More Excuses”

  1. MizFit Says:



    every day I dont make an excuse not to confront my fear (a work project) I totally celebrate me as well.

    you should feel proud.

  2. Sweeter Says:

    I’m doing couch to 5k too. Just got contacts for running. SO much better! Good job facing the rain! I am still afraid of getting my new running shoes dirty LOL.

  3. Michael-David Says:

    Wow! You are amazing.

    I just did benchmark testing for the YMCA bootcamp yesterday morning (see and am incredibly sore.

    It’s a good group. People are fun and friendly and I am definitely deep into the bottom quintile in terms of fitness. Of course, most of the people there were repeats having already made it through one or more six-week cycles.

    If (when) I survive my first six-week cycle there is no way I can avoid being in the best shape of my life.

    Fingers crossed…

  4. Michael-David, that is exciting!! I am sure my dinky little run-walk is NOTHING compared to boot camp! What is benchmark testing? I am very excited for you!!

    • Michael-David Says:

      It is exciting — although I don’t know that I could get ready for a 5K (although maybe at the end of this 6 week cycle I could).

      Benchmark testing is basically a bunch of measurements of how fast/how many/what’s your resting and non-resting heart rate etc so that you can see 6 weeks later what improvements have come.

      And I went again this morning (which was “optional”) since I was worried if I didn’t it would be harder to show up on Monday when this cycle officially begins. Some people have been doing this for up to 8 years!!! And there are a few new people besides me. Everyone is so freaking friendly! I’ve never met this many people more jovial than I at 5:30am. Definitely throws me off-kilter and my sense of myself as an overly cheerful morning person :^)

      This morning after warm ups in the gym, we spent 35-40 minutes outside — short jogs, stopping to do some sort of guided exercise and then another short jog. Mid-point where we given an option of taking a shorter/less intense or longer/more intense portion of one of those short jogs and I was definitely needing the wimpy route.

      To be more specific than yesterday, I’m easily in the bottom 10% fitness wise and maybe tied for dead last with one other participant (heaven help me if I had showed up without two-three months of working out on my own). But turning the last corner and being urged to spring the final 1/3 block with everyone but the two folks behind me shouting my name was way cool.

      And then into the aerobics room for 10 minutes or so of exercises only 2/3 of which could I do at all…

      Supposedly I’ll be less sore in a month or so but somewhat sore… all the time!

  5. Shelley Says:

    LOVED the last line of your post! Good on ya’ for doing what you needed to do!

  6. somedayistoday Says:

    I always love your keep-going attitude! 🙂

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