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THIS is Why Athletes Like Steroids… July 31, 2009

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Just kidding. Sort of. But since I’ve been taking prednisone for the damn poison oak that won’t go away, I’ve had such a crazy surge in energy it’s not even funny. Today I was working out with my trainer. Whatever he asked me to do, it was truly so easy, I was not remotely winded, out of breath, unable to do ANYthing. He started looking at me funny. This was weird to both of us since I have not been working out much in the past few weeks and logic would dictate that I would be LESS able to do things, not more. He was like, “Man, you are on a whole other PAGE. What IS this?!?” I was more flexible, stronger, with 100% more stamina than usual. After an hour workout I was barely damp from sweat. I said, “Is that ALL?” and then the lightbulb went off.

“Girl, you are ON STEROIDS!”

Oh. Yeah. The last time I took prednisone was 10 years ago when I finished my first (and only) marathon, and it had a similar effect. (ie, I ran the last mile or so of the 26.2 mile race I’d trained to WALK) It was for poison oak back then, too.

I know that steroids are really bad for you. They have made my blood glucose go crazy. I’ve had to up my diabetes medication and it still is way too high. And every day I get fresh new patches of itchy itchy rash. It’s insane.

But wow, does it feel good to be able to do stuff so… effortlessly. I can see why it’s addictive. I’m glad I am not a professional athlete and that my physical performance doesn’t really mean anything other than to my own ego.

I’m tapering down and it will be interesting to see if and how I get weaker. Meanwhile, it’s weird to feel like Superjock.


5 Responses to “THIS is Why Athletes Like Steroids…”

  1. hanlie Says:

    Wow! I had no idea they had that much of an effect. Enjoy the Superjock feeling while it lasts.

  2. When I spoke with my MD husband, he said that prednisone is a different kind of steroid than the “sports performance” steroids and that what I’m taking supposedly makes one WEAKER.

    So maybe I *am* a Superjock after all! LOL

  3. RobFitness Says:

    I think we all knew before this that you were “SuperJock” Girl🙂 You seem to be on top form though and that has to even be a better feeling. Just be careful. Sometimes when one feels this way they have a tendency to work to hard and then overdo it to were injury can result. Nice to see the positive attitude.🙂

  4. Rob, you’re psychic there about the injury. I was running Friday (2nd workout that day), on a trail with a friend, and was so distracted by talking that BLAM! I twisted my ankle, fell down, skinned my knee. OW.

    But I’m better today.

  5. nutellamama Says:

    It’s good to be careful and not get injured, but I also think that the feeling you were describing is many months of hard work paying off and you may indeed be “on another page” in terms of physical conditioning! I am just so impressed, so I hope you claim some of that and don’t give the drugs all the credit. Especially since they probably don’t deserve it!

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