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October 2009

Liveblogging Biggest Loser

The contestants join Alison for a giant wheel of silver topped platters. The teams are going to be Blue vs Black. One person will get to pick the teams. Rut-roh. There’s a golden ticket under one of the silver platters, and the person who gets it gets to pick who are on the teams, and who gets to choose the trainers. There are various goodies and baddies under the other platter lids. People who want to participate will step forward. Dina is the first in. Rudy. Liz. Amanda. Shay. Rebecca. Allen. Danny. Coach Mo. Danny. Tracey? Of course. The only person who is not stepping up is Abby.

Rudy spins first. He gets a huge piece of chocolate cake! It is exactly 1,000 calories. AGH. He has to eat it. Num num num. Next is Rebecca: chocolate donut, 280 calories. It gives her witch teeth. Allen: chocolate cupcake! 100 calories. He says, “Sweet.” Enjoys himself immensely. Danny: GIANT cupcake with sprinkles. 780 cals! Yikes. Here comes Tracey. Coach Mo says an evil wind is blowing and he’s not the only one to feel it. HOLY CRAP, SHE GOT THE GOLDEN TICKET! Everyone is just blown away. People are shocked. They think she is a witch for sure. People are gasping and freaking. Coach Mo is sure there is voodoo going on. “It’s not natural. It’s supernatural.” Wooooooooooooooooo…..

Amanda is sobbing. She needs Bob. Dina and Rudy do not want to be separated. Dina feels she can’t count on anybody without Rudy.  Shay says, “people are about to go crazy” as they head toward Tracey and their new fate. Bob and Jillian learn about what’s going on and they are appropriately horrified. Tracey is grinning a psychotic grin.

Tracey wants to train with Bob. Bob looks glazed. Jillian is bummed she will not get to pound Tracey within an inch of her life.  Next: Daniel  goes to Jillian, Mo goes to Bob. Shay goes to Jillian. Tracey gets a few compassion points for putting them together. Allen goes to Blue. Then Abby. Liz is starting to cry. Tracey puts her on the blue team. She’s sobbing that she needs Danny. She puts Danny on the black team. Danny wanted Bob and Liz. He is devastated. Liz: “it kills my soul and makes me mad as all get out.” Amanda is crying because she won’t have Bob. Rebecca goes to the Blue team. She also breaks up Dina and Rudy. Niiiiiiiiice. That’s some very unhappy campers for ya.”

Liz: “She wants to win, she’s gotta do it at home.”

Bob hates the Black vs. Blue. He needs a big guy to beat up, and it will make him feel better. He’s going after Rudy.  Jillian is after Amanda. She wants to beat the crap out of the black team.  They’re puking. Jillian comes out to inspect her puke and make sure it’s wet. ???? Ugh.  Liz: “I have an agenda and my agenda is for her to go home before I do.” Liz freakin keels over on the treadmill. Ack. Lizzie’s down. Red as an apple. She says grimly, “I’ll live.”

She says, “My head’s on straight. Hell yeah. I got an agenda.” She wants immunity.

Dina hates the plyometrics stool. She doesn’t want to jump. I LOVE the stool. I love jumping up on stuff! So funny. Jillian says it makes your butt smaller. Cool. Dina walks out. Rudy asks, “What’s stopping you from doing it?” Dina doesn’t know. She can’t believe in herself. Rudy gives her a personal training session with Coach Mo looking on.  I love the Blue Team training the Black team. Rahooo!

Bob takes blue team to the grocery store. Of course they get some Jennie-O turkey products. We had some Jennie-O turkey chili tonight! Product placement from my very own house. They make wraps with some yummy roast turkey.

Next: black team heads up a hill. Shay says black team is the underdog, but they have bigger hearts. Alison: “good players help themselves, great players help each other.” It’s a relay race… where they are carrying one of their teammates. On a platform. They are playing for… videos from home. Tracey and Abby have to sit out.

Dina does not want to be on the platform but she does not want to be carried by others. Blue team carries Rebecca. Black team is carrying Dina. Rebecca says it is not like Cleopatra, eating grapes. Instead she is sweating and trying to hold on for dear life. They splash through mud. Amanda loses her mud in the shoe. Dina has to pick it up! She’s psyched. Blue team is starting to lose steam. Second mud pit, o boy. Blue team wins. Liz is happy but is still out for Tracey’s blood.

Holy crap. Rebecca gives her video to Dina. But Dina can’t take it because she has to get on the platform step on her own. She has to do it for herself. Blue team watches their videos. Of course, they cry. Tracey’s husband says he sleeps on the couch because he doesn’t want to be in the bed without her. He says, “Pain is temporary, pride is forever.” Is he going to be proud of her evil backstabbing ways?

Liz goes in to see Danny. She wants Danny to watch her video with her. But it’s HIS VIDEO! She switched her video for him. She is such a freaking peach. His whole family is losing weight: his wife and parents. I’m crying over Liz. He feels like a new man who can run a marathon. (watch what you say dude, they’ll make you do it)

Last chance workout. Jillian wants to build her team to work together. They’re pushing each other on these rolling platforms. Boy do I wish I was on that black team. Partner carries. Daniel’s all “yes ma’am!” Bob doesn’t like the team thing. He takes them to 24 hour fitness.  They do step class with weights, lunges. I want  to take that class too! Jillian is doing trust falls. Big fun!

Time for Dina to face the platform again. The whole team is on her. Jillian is wincing. What is the deal here? Jillian says everyone has their One Thing they can’t conquer. She says, “I have mine.” I am DYING to know. What is Jillian’s one thing that she can’t do? Very curious. I have a lot more than one. Jumping rope. Riding a bike in traffic, or on hills. Anything involving a ball.

Weigh In: Tracey loses 7. Nobody claps. Coach Mo loses 6. Allen loses 7. Rudy loses 8. Rebecca loses 7. Liz: 8. Go girl! Black team goes up. Abby loses 5, which is not shabby, but she is not happy. Dina loses 6. Amanda loses 6. Danny loses 10 and is off all his meds! Daniel loses 11! Go guy. He’s awesome. Shay is the last one up. She needs 8 pounds. She loses… SIXTEEN! Holy crapola!

Blue team has to choose one member of the Blue Team. NO BRAINER. Coach Mo is ready to sacrifice though. I can’t believe Liz voted for Mo!!!!! So did Rudy. And Tracey. And Rebecca. I can’t believe it!!! No way could I do it.

DAMN. Coach Mo goes home. I can’t believe it. He’s doing great. But you know? I do not agree with that vote. At. All.

Foodie on the Fly!

Wow, it’s been whirlwindish since I left home … two days ago? I’m sad to say that even though I had all good intentions of using my friend’s home gym I never made it down there. 😦 Now I am at another friend’s, and I am fully planning on doing SOMEthing tomorrow morning since I do not have to get up super early.

But it’s been awesome. I went back to the little hometown I grew up in (population 8,000) and had an incredibly wonderful time with old friends I haven’t seen, some in 30 (!) years. I visited my old high school with my high school best friend. We found our old lockers, sat in the senior lounge at the cafeteria (place of huge social status!), ate at the famous down in the center of town. Gosh, I miss diners. They are all over New Jersey but they really don’t have this kind of diner where I live now. It was awesome to be in there and to hear people tawkin’ like I’m used to. Did you know that James Gandolfini (Jimmy in my memory) came from my home town? He was a year behind me in high school.  Nice signed photo of him up in the town diner, because of course HE has fond memories of the place too. I was sad to see that the local Friendly’s is now a bank, and the place that used to make amazing hot donuts and cider is no longer. Just as well, right? I could’ve just eaten my nostalgic way through the week!

I have no idea what is happening weight-wise. Yesterday we didn’t have time for dinner before meeting other HS buddies so we just ordered some appetizers from the bar. I  nibbled at a plate of seared ahi, and had two stuffed (with seafood) mushrooms. I ordered a cocktail that was REALLY BAD so I followed up with some mineral water and lime. Today I was on the run hobble all day, so just ended up having some fruit, half a scone, a bowl of miso soup and one piece of sashimi.  BUT I haven’t exercised all week, so… we shall see.

Folks on the Biggest Loser are right; it’s really challenging to eat in restaurants for a week and still lose weight. AND to be in a freaking cast boot. I’m not aiming to lose this week but I am sure hoping I can at least maintain. WW training is just 3 days after I get home. I don’t know if they’re going to weigh us (GOD I HOPE NOT) but I want to look as good as possible.

Biggest Loser, Remote Liveblogging!

I rush in from the airport! Get to my friend’s house in  NJ and  plopped myself down on the coach. I’m 23 minutes in so I missed the first prat. I get to the challenge where the teams are evaluating various platters of food. I am a little distracted because I managed to lose my wallet somewhere enroute from the other coast. Damn.

Commercials! I have  second to catch my breath.  I am glad that I have an understanding friend for a host, who doesn’t mind me doing this the second I arrive at her house!

The free groceries go to… orange pink and brown have a three way tie. ONE QUESTION. How many calories were in dinner A?  Pink team wins! The folks all order out and are shocked to receive unasked-for cheese on their salad, bagel chips on the side. The lesson is, don’t always trust that restaurants have your health in mind. Ohh… chains on the fridge. They only get to order food out. Jillian and Bob hear about it and they’re intrigued. They offer to take the team out for dinner! Everyone is excited.

They cruise into a Mexican restaurant (empty of other guests). Chips come to the table. Jillian says, “What are you going to do?” Everyone’s eyes get big. “Control your environment!” They send the chips back. Go team! Jillian; Do you want to be healthy/skinny or do you want… Jillian does not like Rebecca’s answer. She flips out. Jillian says, “You’re warm. But you need to BE SPECIFIC.”

Unless there is a purpose behind it, you’re not going to be able to do it, says Jillian. Bob says, “We know how good it feels on the other side.” Jillian likes the papaya-chicken-avocado salad. She says, Do NOT leave the house without your calorie counter! Bob says, avoid anything that is sauteed or pan fried.

(I laugh about this because my dinner at Serendipity tonight would NOT meet with B & J’s approval: had a brie-and-turkey sandwich and split a Frozen Hot Chocolate with my buddy. This has been a tradition of ours since high school days. That’s vacation for ya!)

Challenge time: tonight, it’s for immunity.  They have to hang onto a slanted platform which gets progressively steeper. First one down: Liz in the water. Then Danny. Brown team is gone. Next: Amanda, pink team. Dina down. Shay is holding on! Heaviest girl!  More splashdowns.  It’s down to Daniel vs Allen. CUT TO COMMERCIAL. AGH!

We’re back. Oooh I can feel their forearm pain. Trembles. Allen lets go and DANIEL WON! Woooo!! It’s gym time. The coaches are yelling themselves hoarse to beat the crappy food out of them.

(OMG my friend just tells me she has a FULL GYM downstairs!! I am so excited!!!!!!!!! I did not know this! I can work off my frozen hot chocolate!) Coach Mo is really killing it so that he can make up for injured Tracey. Uh oh. His body gives out. His back. It’s shot. He said, “I’m done man.” Ow. Bob says, “He’s had twenty years of pain.” Bob wants him to get back on the bike and get his head on straight. But what if he just ruptured a spinal disc? Hmmm… I dunno about this.

It’s weigh-in time. What will happen after a week of eating restaurant food? Orange team: Daniel has lost 0, Shay has lost 5. I call: WATERLOADING. Bob calls it too. Green team: ten pounds total. Not shabby. Abby: “This is a marathon, not a sprint.” Go Abby. 1.97%. Now it’s blue team. 16 total, including 11 for Rudy. Brown team loses 11 total, 1.74%. Purple team needs to lose more than ten. I have the feeling a lot of fingers are crossed right now. They pull out a 12! Okay, Julio’s up. He needs to beat 7 lbs. But no, it’s four. Damn. He’s in danger. Pink team weighs in. They need more than 8 to stay safe. Their loss: 9! Just made it!

They have to vote, Julio vs. the Brown Team. Hmmm…  It’s appeal time. Liz is crying.  They all love each other. They’re all close. Julio can’t think of a worse situation. It’s a heartbreaker either way. The others are going to have to decide. Voiceover says: “See how the eliminated player does at home.” PlaYER:: Does that mean it’s Julio?

Voting time.  Orange team votes Julio. Blue team votes for Liz and Danny. Green team votes for Julio. They did it based on the “logic” of two people staying and having a chance rather than one. Purple team’s turn. They were split. Purple team voted for Julio. Coach Mo looks sick to his stomach as Tracy reveals the platter. Julio’s going.

“Sometimes you need a jump start.” Julio’s “after” clip is fabulous. He looks great! I am happy for him.

Nia jammmmmmin’!

IMG_0660The Nia Jam today was so great. Wouldn’t it be amazing if every class could have a dozen awesome teachers, go on for an hour and a half and just be enormous? I would love it.

I went in feeling not so psyched and kind of trepidatious, what with the stupid boot and all. I was feeling kind of glum and like I was going to have to be on the sidelines of all the fun.  I had a chair set up in the back if necessary. But I ended up not needing it at all. I was so surprised (and thrilled!) that I was able to do about 80% of the moves, even the turns and twirls, in my boot! AND I got a great workout, I was nice and sweaty afterward.

BIG fun is that I got to meet the awesome Terre Pruitt, the lovely Nia teacher who started commenting on my blog after my very first Nia class! She’s sweet and adorable and also has great dimples.

I was re-energized. And encouraged. If I could do a 90 minute Nia Jam, then I can DEFINITELY go back to my regular Nia classes, even with the boot. Yay!

It’s probably my last Nia for a while, though. On Tuesday morning I am taking off for the East Coast, for the grand finale/icing on the cake/best birthday celebration ever. (yes, my birthday was in August, I believe in drawing it out as long as possible!) And I’ll also be getting to celebrate my beloved daughter’s 19th birthday with her! (not something I was expecting, so it’s a special gift for both of us) I’ll be with some of my dearest friends ever, people I never get to see enough of, and we’re capping it off with dinner at the awesome, original, one and only Moosewood restaurant! I can’t waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Then I come home, and a few days later it’s off to Weight Watcher leader training. October is nonstop on the go!

Measuring Up, Writing Down

images-1I took my measurements today, for the Biggest Loser challenge.  I still have a bit to lose at my waist, which is 32″ at the smallest level. According to J. Crew size charts, this puts me at size 14-ish for most clothes, and I’m off the chart for Petites, which I am height wise. I’m definitely still an apple. But it doesn’t make sense, because a size 14 would be pretty swimmy on me right now. How can anyone really order stuff online?

Bust: 38″  Waist: 32″  Hips: 38″  Arm: 9″ Thigh: 18″

I’m not sure about my BL goal, but let me just say I would be OVERJOYED if I could get my waist under 30″. Anything, even 29.999″ would be fantastic. This is truly where my body fat all concentrates, and I still have big handfuls of it. And the part where it’s the most dangerous for one’s health. According to WebMD,

Are You an Apple or a Pear?

So how do you tell if you have more belly fat than is healthy?

  • To measure your waist circumference, place a tape measure around your waist at the smallest point, which is usually just above the navel. A waist size of 40 inches in men and 35 inches in women is generally considered to indicate increased health risk.
  • Waist-to-hip ratio is calculated by measuring your waist at the smallest point and your hips at the widest point — usually at the widest part of the buttocks — and dividing the waist measurement by the hip measurement. A waist-to-hip ratio of greater than 0.9 for men and 0.8 for women is generally considered high risk.

My waist-to-hip ratio is o.84 – high risk! So my goal for the BL challenge is to get my ratio down UNDER .8.

I like this goal. It’s a reasonable one for me, and something I hope I can do in 12 weeks or so, and it’s medically the next thing I need to do for my health. When I began this in January I think my waist circumference was around 37″. So I’ve definitely come a long way, but I’d like to go that last bit more.

In other measuring news, I’ve been counting my WW points yesterday and today. It’s illuminating! Let me say that for SURE I have been eating wayyy over my points since reaching Lifetime, and I am just lucky that whatever activity I’ve been doing has allowed me to maintain at that level. Once I started writing things down, it became obvious to me that if I were doing WW again actively now (ie in LOSS Mode rather than Maintain Mode) I’d be needing to eat a lot less food. Which makes sense.

And it has showed me how I’ve gotten kind of complacent and kind of “I can get away with that!” And how some habits have crept in. I’ve gotten into the habit of eating a WW or Skinny Cow frozen bar after dinner most nights.  Or some sugar free tapioca pudding – some small dessert that is in the 90-100 calorie range. But last night, as my husband was “taking orders” from the freezer after dinner (we all have our favorites) I thought, do I really need this? Do I want it? I was already plenty full from dinner. But I like to have something sweet after dinner. A frozen bar is only one point. But I said no, and instead I had a sugarfree caramel/butterscotch hard candy thing. Which has like 5 calories. I felt fine, and satisfied my little sweet craving, and I didn’t have that 100 extra calories (which over a week = 700)

So it was good to remember this, something I was a lot more conscious of last spring, but which has slipped. I know that pretty soon I am going to have to be telling people, “You bite it, you write it!” and it really IS good practice to be doing it again myself. They say that people who write down their food lose like 50% more than people who don’t write it down, and I can see why. It does make a difference. I am about to put something in my mouth, and I think, “Do I realllllly want to write this down?” and I think twice.

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