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Diary of an Injury

I’ve been dealing with a hurt hip ever since the Oakland Half Marathon over a month ago. I’ve been trying not to freak out about it, but it continues to persist off and on. I have to admit it has slowed me down both physically and emotionally. Trying to remain positive.

For the first week, it was hurting a LOT. So much so that it made me wince to walk even a short distance. I was traveling that week, and the combination of post-race, then a long plane flight, then a bunch of sitting made it really hurt. I didn’t find relief until I located a used softball for $1 at a sporting goods store.

Insert under hip, and ROLL. Ow! Yay!
Insert under hip, and ROLL. Ow! Yay!

After I got home, I finally decided that I needed to seek professional help. I went and found a physical therapist that I really liked.

I enjoyed the massive ice packs.
I enjoyed the massive ice packs.

However, alas, after three treatments I discovered that this particular place was not covered by my insurance plan and would not be reimbursed. Big sad. 😦

I decided to take a different route. I went back to my trainer, who also is very skilled at body work. I went in there limping about a week ago. He mashed on my hip and stretched me for over 90 minutes. After he was done, I was pain free. He’s so good at what he does.


magic hands
magic hands

I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was kind of discouraging. But I’ve been trying to focus on other things. I started taking a MSBR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) Class. Which has been amazing and wonderful. I think it has helped me cope with this injury more than anything else. It is a weekly class held at the Writers’ Grotto where I write. It’s been a real opportunity for reflection. Am I doing too much? Not enough? Am I getting lazy, or am I resting it appropriately? It is so hard to know. I’m just trying to be patient.

Last week I got this brochure in the mail and damn, I’m tempted to take it just so I can figure out what the heck is going on, and how to fix it. A friend of mine suggested that I look into trying to get some of those black rings inserted. Heh.

Physical therapist, heal thyself.
Physical therapist, heal thyself.

The See Jane Run half marathon is three weeks from today. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do. Part of me is still so reluctant to downgrade to the 5k, but I kind of know that’s what I need to do. I haven’t run more than three miles at a time since the Oakland Half.

My meditation and mindfulness practice has taught me that this, too, shall pass (I hope).

Race Recap: See Jane Run 5k

ImageThe See Jane Run 5k Race today was great for so many reasons. First, it was the very first race I’ve ever repeated. My first SJR was in 2009, and it was only my 2nd race ever. So it was cool to have a repeat experience.

It was also great because I decided to do it just about a week ago. It feels great to just be able to decide on the spur of the moment to do a 5k race, and to know that I am pretty much “race ready” any time. That. Is. Awesome.

Last weekend I went for a 5k run with the Team, and it just felt wonderful – effortless and pain free and just GOOD. So the next day when I saw that my friend Mary had posted on Facebook that she’d run 5k for the first time and was looking for a race to do, I quickly suggested See Jane Run. It’s so wonderful for a first race: flat, with beautiful views, all women, and ending with champagne and chocolate AND a medal. Can’t beat that, right? So she signed up and I was probably more excited about HER having this experience than myself.

In the back of my head I was thinking I probably would not be as fast as I was in 2009. I was lighter then, and focusing more on running than other stuff, and younger (heh). So I didn’t have huge expectations. I was just happy to be there and to support Mary.

As great as it was for her to be accomplishing this thing she thought she’d never do, it was so meaningful and emotional for me to know that  *I* had been her inspiration to start running in the first place. What! Me! She had come to my Healthaversary party in January, and there were so many people who were runners and triathletes, it got her thinking she wanted to start it up. We told her about the couch to 5k app, and she just went ahead and DID it without me knowing, and voila, last week she completed it! I was so impressed and proud of her.

One of the thing I love about See Jane Run is that it actually openly allows music and MP3 players. I think that makes a huge difference for me. I ran the race with my Runkeeper app, and every 5 minutes it told me my pace, time, distance, etc. I thought I wanted to be close to my last SJR time of 36-37 minutes. (OOPS I thought it was 39 until I just checked!) Anyway, I learned from last time. I didn’t start off with a rush near the front. We started toward the back of the pack and it was just relaxed. There were LOTS of runners! And walkers. And strollers.

The weather was gorgeous and perfect – starting out cool and foggy and then sunning up as time passed. It was just so comfortable. I went out slowly, and then as I warmed up I felt stronger and stronger. We got to the halfway turnaround before I knew it, then it was over. I wasn’t struggling at all. At the end, I sprinted with a burst and that just felt GOOOD. I was so happy!


We celebrated with champagne and chocolate and hugs, then Mr McBody and Mr. Mary took us out for a great brunch. Then home for a nap. It felt so awesome to do this race for FUN. 

And, well, I didn’t beat my record but I matched it, and that was good enough for me. Yippee! More fun to come!

Day Two: Second 5k Race!

Now that I’m on the SECOND day of this challenge, I am seeing that every day will be different (profound realization, huh?). I can already tell you that yesterday was the day I didn’t hit the mark on the water, and today is the day I am not going to hit the mark on the fruits and vegies. I had about 8 blueberries in a little cup o yogurt they handed out after the race, and that is going to be it for today. Such is life.

So today was the See Jane Run 5k! This was a whole different experience because I was there with both of my daughters, two of my friends and also had a Twitter meetup with Twitter friend @pubsgal!

We got up early to get a spot in the parking lot. This race was right along the shoreline, so was both very beautiful and very COLD. The fog was in, and it was chilly. (still foggy even now in the afternoon) Then we stood in line for the bathroom (looooong line). They had a stage set up and after the half-marathoners took off (which gave me chills) they did a ten minute warmup with some goofy teachers in leg warmers and 70’s gear. Very cute. It did warm me up, but it was kind of distracting and it was not the same as doing a brisk walk/run warmup like I did last time. So we went over to the starting line, and one of my daughters ran into a friend, and with all the socializing, it just STARTED and I did not feel quite prepared.

I felt like this race was going much more quickly than the last one. Was it me? Was it the crowd? I don’t know, but in the first mile I felt like I was really struggling. I was really labored in my breathing, and I just felt like.. wow, I was going too fast or something. But I didn’t know how to slow down. (does that sound dumb?) It felt like everyone on the course was passing me. I felt a little panicked. I had told my friend M, whom I always run with, that I couldn’t talk during this race and I was going to use my iPod music to pace with (which I never do when I run with her). She was cool with that.

After passing the one mile mark I started feeling a little bit better. I wasn’t aching or hurting, and I didn’t feel like it was such a struggle. The turnaround point was about a mile and a half.  Then we started seeing the first people coming back toward us. That was pretty cool, and inspiring. I saw my friend K, who is DAMN FAST.  A little bit later, I saw my older girl. She looked great. I felt the best around the turnaround, and for the last 3/4 mile before we got to the finish.  When the finish line was in sight, I started flagging (again).  My friend M wanted to sprint to the end. I tried. We ran fast for about 50 yards? and then she took off right at the finish. I was… wow, I was pooped. As I ran past my mom I heard her say to my husband, “She’s limping.” Was I? My left calf was pretty sore.

I got through the finish line and was happy that my time was somewhere around 37 minutes, which was at least two and a half minutes faster than the first race I did a month ago. It might have been a few seconds less or more.

The thing is, if you keep running FASTER every time, it never feels any easier. I guess I am glad I beat my time by so much. But it wasn’t easy.

Next time I am going to be sure to do a BIG walking/running warmup before the race starts. I realize I really need that, and that it just feels bad to start out cold.

ANyway, it was cool to get a medal, and a champagne glass, and chocolate. I got an ice pack for my leg. We had some yogurt and blueberries and granola. It was nice to walk around with @Pubsgal.

Since I’ve been home though, my stomach has been kind of upset and delicate. I’m totally wiped out (AGAIN). I had to get up to drive one of my daughters to a friend’s house, and it just about did me in. I’m in bed again. And I can’t deal with the idea of eating any fruits or vegies. No fiber, please! I’m going to try out this allegedly very low carb Dreamfields pasta for dinner tonight.  Linguine with clam sauce. I don’t think I can cope with salad though.

It surprises me that a 36 minute run should affect me so intensely. It really knocked me out. I don’t know if it is the diabetes, just general conditioning, pushing harder than usual, adrenaline or WHAT, but I feel pretty much flattened. I am very very happy I did it, and it was fun, but the aftermath is kinda rough.

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