My 5th Healthaversary is Coming: Hot Chocolate 5k with me! December 15, 2013

hot-chocolate-logoEvery January, I reflect back on January 2009, when I first started this blog. I think about how I felt back then. Scared, unhealthy, hopeless. And how far I’ve come. Even with this recent injury, I always knew that I had a core of well being inside that wasn’t going to go away even if I couldn’t do much.

This coming January will be my 5th healthaversary. Five years! And I’m going to celebrate in two ways. One, I’m going to participate in the Hot Chocolate 5k on January 12th in San Francisco. I would LOVE to have as many friends doing it with me. A hot chocolate party! It comes in both 5k and 15k distances. And the “swag bag” is crazy awesome – it’s actually a fleece jacket! What!

2013-HC-this-is-your-goodie-bag_WITH-sizing-chartI’ll also be hosting my traditional walk-to-the-labyrinth and brunch at another time, but I realllly wanted to do something “5-ish” for this special five year commemoration. After the ordeal I went through this fall, I am more grateful than ever for my health. This will be the first 5k since my injury. I am hopeful and optimistic that I will be able to complete the 5k, most likely walking. That pesky hip injury I was dealing with BEFORE my ruptured disc? It’s talking to me again (sigh).

So please please please sign up! 15k or 5k, your choice. You can run like a gazelle or waddle like a wombat (that’ll be me). It’s probably going to be chillyish but we will have some cozy fleece! And hot cocoa! It will be a big, beautiful, Foodie McBody Party. No running necessary! (but it’s certainly allowed and encouraged if you like running)

PRICES ARE GOING UP DECEMBER 30th so please take advantage of the early pricing. If you use the code FOODFOODMUG, you will also get a free hot chocolatey mug on race day. Yay swag!


And…. Ta-da!! As an official Hot Chocolate Blogger, I have been authorized to give away one FREE RACE REGISTRATION!

This has been a really amazing five years. The most challenging, exciting, incredible five years of my life. I’m ready to celebrate.  Join me!

If you want a chance to be the recipient of this free registration, leave me a comment here below and tell me FIVE THINGS that keep you healthy! Also, follow the Hot Chocolate 15/5k on Twitter and Facebook to get all the sweet details.

And the winner of the race registration is… JULES!! Congrats, Jules, I’ll be sending you your registration code. Can’t wait to see you (and everyone else!) out there on January 12th!


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9 Responses to “My 5th Healthaversary is Coming: Hot Chocolate 5k with me!”

  1. Anne Pimental Says:

    You have piqued my curiosity, Susan. My five things are:

    1. My love for my partner Kathy.

    2. The knowledge I have gained by joining WW and the ability to now make well informed and responsible decisions when it comes to food choices.

    3. My fellow WW members who inspire me to keep reaching for the stars.

    4. The progress I have made in becoming physically fit.

    5. My Specialized bike and my Brooks running shoes.

    Thanks for the opportunity to get this down and read it.

  2. Estelle Says:

    Ok trying again! 5 things that keep me healthy:
    1) Passion for music and sharing it with friends
    2) walking a lot since I dont have a car
    3) keeping the faith that I can impact my own health
    4) having role models like you that keep me going too!
    5) making an effort to eat healthy.
    6) fresh air. Oops that’s 6!

  3. Karen Says:

    I’ve been wondering where you were and hoping for the best. I couldn’t find the blog for some reason but will bookmark you now. Good luck on your 5!!!

  4. I won’t be there, but I wanted to post 5 things that keep me healthy cause it’s a good reminder:
    1) Reminding myself that I am worthy of love and [therefore my health].
    2) Love of being outside.
    3) Compassion.
    4) The balance and calm that being healthy gives me.
    5) Examples of those that show in different ways what it means to be healthy.

  5. Mary Vencill Says:

    Sounds like fun! I’ll sign up – Here are my five:
    1. WW, of course, and my wonderful colleagues (including you!) who inspire me and keep me mindful, so I don’t (often) go “off the rails” food-wise
    2. Training for AIDS LifeCycle every year – long rides twice a week – and the community of fabulous folks who make AIDS LifeCycle a “can’t-not-do-it” event – and who make it so that (amazingly) I truly love cycling – also the beautiful countryside that’s the bonus I get to enjoy in the process
    3. ProAction Athletics (M-Th bootcamp) even when I don’t want to – because the older I get, the more I need and want to stay strong-ish…
    4. My husband (of 45+ years) and our kids and grandkids, who make it so I love my life and want to stay well and do fun stuff with them for a long time – and the joy and pride that comes when my grandkids tell me I’m a “kick-ass” grandma.
    5. The attentive oncologists at Kaiser and their kind colleagues who make ongoing treatments more pleasant than I would have expected

    Hard to stop at five!! Suffice to say that the things that keep me healthy are the things that make me most grateful…

  6. Five things that keep me healthy…
    1. Writing….
    2. Meditation
    3. Continuing to practice “living” my life mindfully
    4. social media friends that inspire me continually
    5. One day at a time

  7. Cathie Friz Says:

    My 5 year health anniversary was this past August. I thought prior to that that since I had young kids I kept up with and we occasionally hiked or skiied that I was healthy; started wearing the Philips Direct Life Monitor and realized I was a 43 year old couch potato!

    5 things that keep me healthy:
    1. Running; doing a half marathon in March the past 2 years (and already registered for 2014) to keep my running up over the winter.
    2. The “Core” eating habits I learned years ago at WW. I’m not perfect but what I learned there stays with me and keeps me on track.
    3. Trying new sports/activities when old one get stale. Did yoga for a few years, then biking, then swimming… Do more hiking and skiing then ever (helps that the kids are teens now!).
    4. Walking the 2 dogs every night with my husband. Gives them time to run the trails off leash, gives us a little time to exercise and talk.
    5. Direct life activity monitor (although I stumbled upon this looking at reviews for possible replacements; they recently sent me a replacement monitor and have changed the style; no long comes with a cord for around my neck). Even after 5 years I feel like I will start to slip if I stop wearing something!!

  8. Five things that keep me healthy:
    1. Swimming
    2. Biking
    3. Running
    4. Walking
    5. Reading about swimming, biking, running, and walking

  9. redstar5 Says:

    I can’t believe how fast the time flies sometimes. I’m so thrilled for you and throwing my hands up in celebration of 5 years of healthfulness! I wish T and I could be there with you for hugs and a 5k full of joy, but rest assured we will be there in spirit, cheering for you (and all of us on these life changing journeys) on January 12th. Happy almost new year dear friend! – Mimi

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